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What’s Considered A Dental Emergency?

  • Knocked Out or Re positioned Tooth

  • Sore and Swollen Gums

  • Lost Crown or Damaged Orthodontics 

  • Swollen face 

Toothaches can come in many different shapes and sizes. How can you tell if your current ache and pain is normal or of big concern? What symptoms should I look for to see if my pain is a dental emergency? Knowing what’s a dental emergency will help you save time and money long term. Proper diagnosis by a good and reliable dentist is a must. To prevent small issues becoming bigger, look for these common dental emergency signs:

  • teeth that are currently loose or becoming loose

  • increasing toothache pain, pain that isn’t getting better

  • excessive gum bleeding and aching

  • noticeable swelling in the jaw

  • lingering canker sores that aren’t going away

  • constant headaches, teeth clenching and grinding

  • unexpected tooth numbness
    strange metallic taste in your mouth